Readings and Spell Casting



In an quiet town in the mid west is a house brimming  with books, candles, conjures, old bones, Orishas, fishing poles, lotus thorns & oak leaves. There is a witch casting spells and conjuring spirits .

Black Witch Magick provides Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Cleansings, Misas de Investigasiones (Spiritual Investigations) and Coronasiones Espirituales.   Listed below are the services offered and available by appointment only for the following:
Chamalongo Readings With The Orisha Eleggua By BlackWitch: $21
Tarot Card Email Readings By Black Witch Or Victoria Regina: $25
30 Min Tarot Card Reading Via Skype: $35
Picture Readings By Victoria Regina: $25
*Spiritual Readings: $35
*Spiritual Cleansings: $50
*Misa de Investigasiones: $175
*Coronasiones Espirituales: $350
Services marked with an * are not performed over long distance.  Person must be physically present for these types of services

All readings are very private and secure so in case you are concerned, EVERYTHING you talk about – whether it is through e-mail, IM chat or Skype will be held in the strictest of confidence and all your affairs and interests will remain private. After you have sent payment and it has been received a time will be set up as well as any further information will be given.  Please try to be on time for the reading as there are other clients. To receive a reading or request ritual please feel free to contact us and you will receive a reply within 24 to 48 hours.  *If you fail to notify the reader in order to reschedule a session if the scheduled time and day doesn’t work for you , you will not receive a refund and payment will be kept as a cancellation fee*


Do you have a question that you are hesitant to ask?
Seeking revenge for a wrong done to you?
Plagued with a curse you can’t get rid of?
Want to get your lover or spouse back?

Black Witch Magick provides the services that many others are afraid or refuse to do.
I believe in helping those that are willing to do what needs to be done.
Those willing to make sacrifices for what they truly desire.
And of course, I absolutely believe in an eye for an eye.

Now, please do keep in mind that I do provide services of a sweeter nature;
but the fact of the matter is that we all have a dark nature inside of us.
I embrace the dark and nurture the spirits that dwell there.
A deep understanding of Death and the spirits of the Dead,
Those things that lurk in the darkness.
In return, I am able to accomplish those things that lean towards a bit darker nature.
The righting of a wrong, removing a curse and returning it to the sender, stealing a lover.
I do my best to help those that find me  
Those that are afraid to seek revenge on their own . .
Those that are at their wit’s end, and know they need help. . .

Some say I am aggressive – I believe I am being practical.
I do what needs to be done.
I am the keeper of cures and curses, necromancer, sorceress if you will, using spirits and speaking to the dead.

I can assist with most issues or obstacles , 
I will do the things that very few practitioners will.
Everyone needs help now and then . . . and I simply can’t be good ALL the time, now can I?

I take great care in selecting all items to be used in your ritual and various offerings to the Spirits of the Altar also called “Feeding the Spirits” which consists of liquor, tobacco, food offerings and anything else the spirits request. I has been casting spells for nearly 30 years. PLEASE Be Aware of Anyone who claims they can give you “100% guarantee”.  These are scammers looking to take your wallet for a ride.

I perform the following workings with my spirits and Orishas:
Block Removal: $140.00
Court Case: $150.00
Healing: $100.00
Love Works: $225.00
Prosperity Works: $175.00
Road Opener: $100.00


Before I can cast a spell for you, any sort of spell, you need to schedule an appointment by contacting me with full information about your situation. I will contact you!!  At one point, I freely gave out my phone number; however, a lot of people took advantage of this for their enjoyment and would call at all times of the day informing me of false needs. This is a waste of not only my time, but more importantly the ones who truly need our help. So I has moved to a strict consultation policy.


The answer is rather simple, I first needs to survey your situation and consult with the appropriate deities for your particular situation. I will ask you many questions in order to have a real understanding of your situation.  To schedule a reading or consultation simply use the contact form below and I will respond within 24-48 hours.  Also please take a few minutes to look over our Q&A as well

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